Three Ways to Use Employment Assessments

pre-employment skills testing

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When you hear the term “pre-employment skills testing” do you think of them only as a tool to use when you have a pool of candidates to weed through? Or do you think of them as something to use within an existing team to try to diagnose a problem? While employment skills testing can be used to help either of those problems, when you use them to their full potential, they bring immeasurable value. The AcuMax Index is an assessment designed to identify the natural wiring of people and I want to walk you through just three of the unique ways that you can use AcuMax to help your organization.

1. Know who you’re looking for before you even post the position

Certain positions may require a person with a certain kind of wiring in order for them to succeed. For example, you don’t want a pilot who isn’t able to complete tasks in a sequential manner or who doesn’t care much about following the rules. The wiring and type of person that is needed can vary greatly by position, but it is something that can be thought about in advance so you know the kind of candidate you’re looking for before you even post the position. Once you have an idea of what kind of skills or mindset would succeed in that role, we can help you identify what kind of wiring pattern would be an asset in that position.   This allows you to know when you post the position what it means for a candidate to be wired for success. AcuMax is then used as a tool within the hiring process to evaluate each candidate’s wiring fit for a particular role.

2. Onboard employees with engagement starting on day one

If you are looking to engage an employee on day one you will have a much better shot at doing so if you know how your new employee is wired. Normally when an employee starts it can takes weeks or months to begin to understand how they think, learn or work. When you know how your new employee is wired you will understand how to train them in a way that best matches their learning style and will be able to know how they will approach the task at hand.  Another great way to improve the onboarding experience is by knowing what motivates them.  AcuMax will help you get a deeper understanding of how this new team member’s personal motivators also fit into the team dynamics and allow you to onboard in a way that will have them excited and engaged immediately.

3. Develop high performing teams or workgroups

Have you ever stared at a problem for hours unable to find an answer only to have someone else be able to instantly come up with a solution? How someone is wired changes the way that they may approach a problem or the steps that they may take to fix it.  If your organization has a problem you probably already have the brain power within to solve it, it is just learning how to harness the brain power.  Using the AcuMax Index, you can easily combine multiple wiring profiles into one allowing for a level of analysis that will reveal themes in how everyone on the team is best motivated to help you determine the structure of team meetings and tasks.

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