September Tip Sheet

10 Hiring Tips in a Tight Labor Market
A current study indicates that it is taking employers 40% longer to fill their open positions due to record low levels of unemployment. Here are 10 ideas to improve your odds in the current labor market:
1. Craigslist
Craigslist’s reputation has improved. More employers are using Craigslist to post job openings. It is affordable (sometimes free) and widely read.
2.  Look Beyond your Location
Search beyond your community. There is no reason that a copywriter must be physically located near your company.
3.  Add a “Jobs” or “Careers” Page to your Website
Make it easy for someone who is interested enough to check out your website to apply by putting a job or careers page on your website with an AcuMax link to take the survey and attach their resume. You will receive notice of each survey completion for follow up. Don’t have an AcuMax survey link? Contact your AcuMax consultant!
4. Ask Employees to Share Job Openings on Social Media
Encourage your employees to spread the word about open positions on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Over 70% of new employees know someone within the organization.
5.  Connect with Local Colleges, Trade Schools and Teachers
Most colleges and trade schools have job boards. And, don’t hesitate to ask teachers and professors to recommend their best students to you.
6. Candidate Search Using Facebook
Facebook is the largest social network with over 1.5 Billion active users. Go to Facebook and type in a query in the search bar at the top of the page. Sample queries might include: People who work at [Competitor] and like [List a Job Function]; or People who live near [Location] and who speak [Language].
7. Fill Open Positions with Existing Talent
The AcuMax system functionality of Find Matching People will list your existing employees with characteristics well-suited for a Position Profile. You may be surprised to learn that you already have the talent you need.
8. Use Text Messaging
If you snooze – you might lose to a hiring competitor. Speed up candidate communications by using text messaging.
9.  Post Hiring Signs on Company Vehicles
Many companies post help wanted signs near their locations. If you have company vehicles on the road – consider posting a hiring sign on your vehicles to further spread the word.
10. Consider Paying for Candidate Referrals
Many companies compensate employees who refer candidates. Contact your AcuMax consultant for ideas on how to make the payment a better incentive for retention. Some companies even use Crowdsourcing to extend the finder’s fee outside their organization about experts from experts outside their internal networks.
Coming Soon to a Screen Near You:  AcuMax Web App 2.1!
We are continuing to test and perfect a new and improved web application that is scheduled for release in October. AcuMax 2.1 will retain the features you know and love AND provide new functionalities such as expanded search capabilities, the ability to send messages to employees directly from the application, a status dashboard and more. You will immediately notice more color and pop on screen and in the reports generated from the system. Webinars, videos and materials are in the works to make the transition easier. More information will be provided as the date approaches.

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