Setting Business Goals for the New Year

setting business goals for the new year

New Year, New Beginnings:

The New Year is a great time for resolutions for your business and career. The line between personal and professional can be blurry, and this is especially true if you own your own business. The start of a new year is a time for new beginnings for your career and business and a time to sit back and reflect. Here are some resolutions you may want to consider adding to your list of resolutions and what you can do to start to make progress on making the resolution a reality.
Keep learning and growing
Your company will continue to grow and learn if you do. Make a list of industry publications to follow, find relevant trade shows, and hire a consultant to help work with you on a new skill. Don’t keep the knowledge you gain to yourself, share it with team members and create a culture of shared learning.
For more information read my article about how to create a personal development strategy as a leader.

Develop your company’s culture
If your company doesn’t have a mission statement or a clear vision then now is the time to cement one. If you are hoping to develop or change your company’s culture you can start by figuring out what your current culture is in your company. There are quite a few blogs and articles on the topic, and this article is a good start and simply breaks down five different kinds of corporate cultures.
Stay focused and prioritize
Being busy and constantly moving doesn’t mean that you’re moving in the right direction. Take a moment to really define what your priorities are by creating a list of priorities. If you don’t know where to start on a list of priorities define what success and failure looks like. Put that list of priorities in a highly visible location and reorient yourself daily to focus on those items that will actually make a difference.
Exercise more
This may seem like a personal goal and not a professional one but the science behind what exercise does for your mind and body are well documented. On top of all of the physical health benefits, regular exercise improves your thinking skills and memory.

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