How to Develop a High Performing Workforce from Any Talent Pool

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Two of the most expensive words any business owner can say are: “You’re fired.”

Donald Trump made a fortune using these words, and he turned firing people into entertainment. But, in the real world, losing an employee disrupts the company’s stability and erodes its competitive edge. In this article, we will introduce you to a workplace talent management and development strategy to consistently develop the skills and capabilities of your workforce, regardless of the talent pool from which you draw. We will also show you how to identify the best available candidates, save money, ensure a high performing workplace, and increase your employees’ job satisfaction…all by using the AcuMax Index.

Building a Workforce that gets Better Every Day?

Strengthening the skills and abilities of your workers requires a high degree of organizational stability, work process, and continuity. It also requires individual employees who are motivated to learn and improve. Here at AcuMax we found that the surest way to develop the skills of a workforce is to start with workers who are naturally motivated to work in that environment!
Of course that makes sense, right? But, how can you find workers who are actually motivated and interested in working in a particular environment, especially if that environment is challenging?   Most companies have difficulty finding workers with the basic skills to perform their jobs at an average level.   Besides that, many workers bring an 8-to-5 mentality to the company, and they are more than satisfied with mediocre results.   For these types of employees, their primary work objective is to walk out the door at ‘quitting time.’ We know there are workers who are naturally wired to work in even the most difficult environment, the task is to find them?

To hire motivated, eager employees: DO NOT fixate on the skills they bring to the job

If there is a key to finding the right candidate for a particular job, it involves more than just matching his or her knowledge, skills and experiences to the position. This is not to say those factors are not important, they are very important, but sometimes we get so focused on uncovering a candidate’s abilities that we forget to see them as a human being.   Maybe it is time to face a simple fact; human wiring also plays a key role in determining overall job competency.   In fact, how a person is wired might be the strongest influence on overall job success, stronger even than their skills and abilities.

Focus on Human Wiring for Job Success

So, which is better, trying to attract and pay a premium for candidates with the strongest skills set; or identifying candidates with the optimal human wiring to do the job, and then teaching them the skills they need?

The Vanamatic Example

new employeesVanamatic is a company that chose to hire new employees based on their wiring and train them to do the jobs. According to Scott Wiltsie, HR Manager, “In the past it could take years to get a machinist fully trained to the skill levels we need. Currently, by hiring new employees based on their human wiring profile, we’re training them in only 9 to 14 months.”
Vanamatic manufactures precision machined components for industry and has been family owned and operated for over sixty years. Scott Wiltsie commented further, “The company is located in a small town in Ohio, and we found it difficult to attract the skilled workers we needed.   To solve this problem, we decided to build rather than buy the skills necessary to operate our facility.”

Knowing How a Candidate is Wired Makes all the Difference

The Vanamatic example illustrates that it is possible to accurately match a candidate to a job when we know two things:

  1. The job candidate’s wiring profile
  2. What wiring profile best fits a specific job

It also illustrates that an employee with a wiring profile that matches a specific job is far more receptive to the training and guidance necessary to learn the job.
To discover a person’s wiring profile, there is only one tool that lets you match a specific candidate with a specific job, and that tool is the AcuMax Index.   The AcuMax Index was created to help any size organization identify the best candidates, support the interview process, and empower employees to be more productive, motivated and satisfied.
As Scott Wiltsie said, “Currently we’re standing at record revenues, and record sales. We’ve hired a tremendous amount of new employees based on increased sales and profitability. The AcuMax Index has been an integral part of our growth and success.”

The AcuMax Index

AcuMax lets you ‘get to know’ your candidates before you hire them, and even before you interview them! AcuMax reveals critical aspects of a candidate’s human make-up, aspects that are impossible to detect by reviewing their resume, conducting a face-to-face interview, or speaking with a reference.
We believe that the reason for job failure is often because an employee is not wired to succeed in a particular job, regardless of how closely their skill set matches the requirements of that job. One of the best ways to ensure job motivation is to make certain each employee is an excellent match for their position, the organization, and for the company culture.   That match is best done when the employee’s wiring profile matches the job profile.

How it Works

All of us have natural wiring deeply rooted in our core. Our character, disposition, temperament, and personality emerge from the genetic patterns we inherit, and that inheritance never changes. The internal wiring we receive from our parents stays with us throughout our lives and shapes how we interact with the world. Our original wiring is one of the strongest forces determining what kind of person we become.
There are dozens of assessment tools that measure personality or behavior, but personality and behavior change over time. Additionally, during a brief job interview candidates can show a side of themselves that doesn’t reflect their true personality or behavior. They show us the side they think we want to see.
Our basic and immutable characteristics can be traced back to our natural wiring. The reliable and valid AcuMax Index reflects how an employee’s natural wiring fits the job they aspire to, and it predicts the probability of job success and satisfaction.
The AcuMax Index is a scientific, valid and unbiased assessment to hire the best candidates. The tool can also help your company save money, and maintain a high level of productivity.
Executive teams benefit from the knowledge available in the AcuMax profile! We’ll provide a complimentary consultation with your leadership team, including the survey for your top leaders. Call us at 844-228-6291 or request a consultation here.

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