Team Outing Ideas for Small Businesses

Small businesses need a closely knit team. Employees at a small business usually have to interact with each other frequently so the team getting along can really make the office environment much more productive. Team outings help build connections and can improve employee morale. As a leader, it can also help you see how your team interacts and works together.
Improv Class
This is a fun way to watch your employees think on their feet and see their sense of humor. These classes can also teach skills that can be used in the business too like building communication and soft skills. This outing also allows for flexible budgets, if you don’t have the funds to go to a professional class there is the option to play free improv games or scenarios.
Escape Room
Whoever knew that getting locked in a room with your coworkers could be so much fun? Escape rooms feature problem-solving scenarios where everyone has to participate. Watching who takes the lead to organize the group and tackle the puzzles will show you who the natural leaders in the group are.
Community Service
Doing good always makes you feel good and makes the community around your small business a better place. You could adopt a portion of a local road and keep it clean, support local families during the holidays, work at a soup kitchen, build homes or do so many other activities. Allow your employees to have a say in picking the causes that matter to them, find out what causes your employees are passionate about. Volunteering also helps show the community that your business cares about more than profits and that community matters to your company.
Sporting Events
Get everyone on your company to rally behind another team. Cheering together helps build some common ground and could highlight some shared interests among coworkers.
Kayaking or Canoeing
This requires team members to communicate and work together towards a common goal. Not falling in the water can be a motivating reason to collaborate! Most bodies of water have rentals available to use and it is a great way to enjoy some sunshine together.
Self-Care Day
This team outing is focused on relaxing and taking care of the body and mind. This could include a group yoga class, lessons on meditation and guided meditation, a healthy meal, chair massages and manicures/pedicures. Teaching your employees how to meditate can give them a tool to use to help with stress and anxiety.
Art or Painting Class
Let your team flex their creative muscles and try something new. Making art can also be a relaxing activity. There are studios that you can go to or you can also look for events hosted at local bars or restaurants if you’d like for your employees to get to enjoy a drink or two while sharing their artistic side.

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