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“The way AcuMax can help the business owner is that it will make their company more successful.”

Catherine Revord, Senior Vice President and Human Resources Director, University Bank explains how AcuMax is her preferred tool to create alignment and a high-performing culture.

“The way AcuMax can help the business owner is that it will make their company more successful, whatever their goals are. Whether they are profitability goals, goals to be good citizens in the community, goals to be a certain market share. AcuMax helps get a team behind them that is better equipped to help them to meet those goals.

AcuMax has helped us understand our employees as individuals including what their strengths are. Appreciating what their value is in their position makes them more productive, makes them feel more important, and it makes them a happier employee. That in turn changes the culture of the organization, makes it more positive.

I have used something similar to AcuMax for a very long time, but I’ve moved on. AcuMax really is concise yet thorough enough to be very helpful. It’s simple enough for the managers to utilize it and for the employees to understand it. I recommend AcuMax because it allows us to value each of our employees. That makes them happy employees that will do what we’d like them to do.”

Jay Hawreluk

James “Jay” Hawreluk, is the author of "Unraveling the Mystery of People" and creator of the AcuMax Index, the only assessment that measures and reports on human natural wiring. People have always fascinated him, and over the years, Jay has developed AcuMax as a process to understand "why" people do the things they do.

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