April 2020 Tip Sheet

Getting Back to Work During a Pandemic
Getting back to work is imperative for businesses that are sidelined by COVID 19 at this time. If you haven’t already done so – your business should adopt COVID 19 protocols that demonstrate your commitment to a healthy work environment to both your employees and to regulators who decide if and what businesses will be allowed to operate in the midst of the outbreak.
Vanamatic is a global supplier of precision machined components to the aerospace, automotive, fluid power and general fittings industries located in Delphos, Ohio. It has been labeled an “essential business” and is continuing operations during the pandemic. We thought you would be interested in seeing the COVID 19 protocols that Vanamatic has in place which they are generously sharing with AcuMax in the interest of helping get our clients back to work going forward.

 Implemented Social Distancing Requirements including maintaining at least six-foot social distancing from other employees, washing hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds as frequently as possible or using hand sanitizer. No staff with symptoms, illness or fever over 100 or a “subjective fever” of the individual is permitted at work
 Staff with illness or fever must remain off work for min. 14 days from onset – may use PTO/Sick Leave or unemployment.
 All staff required to take temp. prior to each shift
 Implemented HVAC system protocols to flush plant with outside fresh air continuously
 Implemented shift/work group gaps for cleaning disinfecting and protection of work group populations.
 Implemented frequently enhanced environmental cleaning of commonly touched surfaces, such as workstations, countertops, railings, door handles, and doorknobs.
 Have provided disposable wipes, 60+ department disinfectant bottles, and required each department to clean and disinfect their areas after each shift.
 Performing deep cleaning after each shift of Common Areas / Breakrooms / Restrooms – Strict enforcement for distancing & disinfecting surfaces
 Suspended all absenteeism systems, and in person meetings
 Implemented electronic dissemination of all schedules, work requirements, and instituted work from home policies where applicable.
 Implemented / executed leaving all internal doors open to prevent commonly touch surfaces.
 Provided a 0-40 hour, 5 Day workweek for all employees who choose to continue to work as an essential employee under the Ohio Stay at Home Order.
 Allow each employee to choose working as an essential employee, or utilize PTO / Sick time, exempt time off / personal leave, or unemployment compensation.
 Implemented shipping/receiving and Package Handling Protocols for 24-hour isolation or nitrile glove and sanitation procedures for movement and handling.
 Implemented Non-Essential Visitor Policy and off hour entry for key vendors and suppliers followed by disinfecting protocols.
 Submitted plans to help produce key ventilator products for the Health Care system – ready if called upon.
New AcuMax System Enhancements and Videos!    
1)   Instructional Videos.   Several new videos have been added to the web site to explain system functionalities and provide source information on Acumen, Echo, How to Construct Position Profiles and more. The complete video list is available under Resources – Instructional Videos. Relevant areas of the web site will soon include a camera icon link to connect you to the explanatory video available for that section.
2)   Natural Self & Adjusted Self Side-by-Side Comparison.  A new tab now allows you to see side-by-side comparisons of selected individual’s Natural and Adjusted Self graphs without having to switch screens. To access this function, select several people, Group Actions – Index – Compare Indexes – Side by Side Stacked. This functionality is only available for desk or lap top computers (not mobile devices or tablets).
3)     Yellow Match Interview Questions.  Additional interview questions are now available for candidates that present as a Yellow Match to a particular Position Profile. The questions are designed to provide greater insight in the selection process as to how that candidate might perform in the role.
4)   Group Profiles Comparison. Ever wondered how 2 different groups or teams would interact? You can now compare Group Profiles of workspaces through the Workspace function to see the prevalent characteristics of a Group to learn how 2 Groups may interact and address any challenges they may have.
Please contact Support@AcuMaxIndex.com or an AcuMax Consultant through Live Chat for more details.
AcuMax Employees Helping Others During COVID 19
Please take the time to recognize and thank your employees who are doing good deeds and random acts of kindness during the COVID 19 challenge. At AcuMax, our employees have helped a school system use a video conferencing product to allow at home student learning. Some have donated blood. Others have delivered groceries to seniors unable to easily shop for themselves. And others have prepared and delivered food for hospital workers now at home after testing positive during their stint on the front lines. Everyone’s contributions are appreciated. We would love to recognize your employees as well. Please feel free to pass along how your people or organization are making a difference.

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