How to Help Small Businesses Survive

Small businesses are all in a really tight spot, trying to figure out how to navigate new ways of doing business or how to stay afloat while being closed. During these difficult times, we can demonstrate that we are all in it together by helping to support small businesses. Here’s how to help and support small businesses.
Use food delivery and takeout
Many restaurants have shifted to providing takeout, drive-thru, and delivery. Let’s be honest, grocery shopping isn’t a great experience right now. By patronizing local eateries, you are able to help that business while making mealtimes a breeze. Many restaurants are also offering discounts and deals, knowing that many people are feeling a financial pinch or uncertainty now.
Be willing to do business online
A lot of B2B services can be done online, be amenable and think of ways to collaborate with small businesses to allow them to continue to provide services. Things like conferences, training, consulting, or meetings can all be done virtually. While it may not be the ideal situation for everyone, being understanding of other businesses will go a long way.
Buy a gift card
Buying gift cards will give business owners some immediate cash and is a way to demonstrate that you are trying to support them during this time. Many small businesses are also offering discounts on gift cards purchased now to help make it easier for consumers.
Locally shop online
When deciding where to buy essential goods, think about local businesses and supporting them during this time. If you normally buy your pet medications through a large online retailer consider purchasing them from your local vet. If you need clothes, books or other items to check local retailers, many small businesses have begun selling online for the first time during this shutdown.
Don’t forget charities
Local charities are also really strained at the moment trying to think of ways to provide services or have been limited from generating funds. Many charities rely on large fundraising events as their source of income and have had to cancel or postpone their fundraising events. Consider donating online to local causes that you feel strongly about.
Work out
Fitness centers and gyms have been shut down during this time but many are offering online classes, some of which are free and others require payment to access them. If they’re free, consider buying a gift card as a way to say thank you for the free classes. Doing a workout at home is a great way to burn off some anxiety and energy while helping those businesses stay financially fit.
Hopefully, by sticking together and working to promote small businesses, we will see a rebound in businesses and a return to hiring, normal daily operations, and profitability.

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