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Series: Analysis of High Drives | The High B Perspective

Do you like this idea? Is this the right decision? Are we OK?  The source of self-confidence for a High B are valued other people with whom the High B interacts. The High B drive is a social drive. It wants to interact with others to receive reinforcement, confirmation, and to develop empathy. The interaction may be complex. A High B may be seeking approval or to avoid the disapproval of others. Approval from others gives a higher sense of self-esteem. It can ... Read more

Series: Analysis of High Drives | How Do You Know When You’ve Done a Good Job? | The High A Perspective

It’s a simple question, but the answer can sometimes be an indicator of your natural wiring. Do you feel like you’ve done a good job when your team or your boss expresses their appreciation or gives out kudos? Maybe when an organizational goal has been met? When you receive a glowing performance review? Or, is your measure of satisfaction internal? Do you know you’ve done a good job when you are satisfied regardless of the views or opinions of others? The ... Read more

War Stories | Are You Flexible?

After training, the HR Director of the plant asked me if she could survey her daughter, Karen, who was “almost 16.” I asked, “What is almost 16?” She answered “11.” Since 11 isn’t “almost 16” to most people, I gave her the usual precautions: the spread of a person’s wiring (Like, Want or Need) does not fully solidify until after puberty and I questioned if, at age 11, her daughter would understand the context of the assessment. The HR Director mom ... Read more

War Stories | Meetings with Super High A’s

This member told us his story of what it was like when he joined a corporate senior leadership team consisting of very High A individuals. When I first came to the company, I had been a practicing physician for over 15 years and was to be the medical director. I had previous experience as the medical director of an insurance company, had been a professor of medicine and a president of a medical society, but none of that prepared me for the personalities I encountered on ... Read more
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