The Importance of Using a Psychometric Employment Assessment

women reviewing psychometric employment assessment

There are a wide variety of employment assessments out there. How can you know that the one you’re using is the right kind and whether your investment into employment testing will pay off? You can start by figuring out if the hiring or employment test uses psychometrics. By selecting a psychometric employment assessment, you will be able to have scientifically based and data-driven results.

What is psychometrics?

Psychometrics is the branch of psychology concerned with quantifying and measuring mental attributes, behavior, performance, and more. It also has to do with the design, analysis, and improvement of the tests, questionnaires, and other devices used in such measurement. This branch of psychology is also called psychometric psychology and psychometry.

Why you should use a psychometric employment assessment

Selecting assessments that use psychometrics are better able to produce more accurate and consistent results. This methodology will assess a person’s innate abilities, which is sometimes also referred to as how a person’s brain is wired or hardwired. Using tests designed to get this information creates a situation where test-takers cannot figure out the right answer and can’t “fool” the test.

When a personality assessment uses this testing methodology, a candidate will be asked a range of questions designed specifically to identify hidden parts of their personality. The questions may focus on what motivates a person, how they deal with pressure, how speedily they learn, and many other fundamental factors. Psychometric assessment tests create a reliable employee profile that touches on various aspects of how a person is wired. Different companies will present the results in different ways. You will want to see what kinds of reports are produced by the testing and if they can also assist in developing what kinds of wiring profiles are most likely to succeed at a particular position. Another aspect is whether they offer an unlimited pricing model because you will be able to better work on team dynamics by having results for every employee.
Knowing how people are hardwired through employment testing aligns them in positions, creates improved idea generation, raises employee morale and improves communication, productivity, and decision making. Human hardwiring helps you better understand yourself and your team.

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