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What You Need to Know About the New W-4 Form for 2020

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There have been changes to the W-4 form, to avoid any tax surprises for yourself or your business review the new form and familiarize yourself with the changes. The W-4 form is what employees use to withhold income tax from their paycheck. The document reflects changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which is…more

Five Business Trends to Watch for in 2020

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New Year’s means resolutions and new perspectives, personally and for businesses. Keeping up with business trends is key to the survival of any business, especially small businesses. These are some of the trends that I expect will influence businesses in 2020.   Going Green Gaining Momentum Expect to see more emphasis on being environmentally responsible…more

Six Traits You Need in Future Leaders

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If you’re looking to promote someone who hasn’t held a position managing people before it can be a tough decision to know whether they will be able to manage a team successfully. Just because someone hasn’t had the opportunity to lead previously doesn’t mean that they won’t perform well in the role. Looking at candidates…more

How Meditation Can Make You a Better Leader

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Want to become a better person and leader? Meditation can help, and it is free and something you can start today. Meditation has been gaining in popularity in recent years, likely due to its positive effects.   The benefits of meditation are scientifically proven and plentiful, including: Decreased stress or anxiety Lowered blood pressure and…more

December Tip Sheet

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TO:               Jay FROM:         Santa Claus RE:              Presents requested for Christmas ——————————————————————————————————— Dear Jay, Ho-ho-ho. Ordinarily, I use this as a greeting, but in this case I am just laughing at the gift request list from AcuMax! Please remind…more

Holiday Season Cybersecurity Tips

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Small businesses can be a big target for scammers and cybersecurity threats during the holidays. Small businesses may not have the same kind of security measures in place that large organizations do, which makes them an attractive target. If your business saves credit card, bank information or processes large quantities of money then it may…more

Do’s and Don’ts for Business Holiday Cards

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  It is that time of the year again! A lot of businesses send holiday cards or are planning to this year, and a holiday card is a great way to connect and nurture the relationships that you have with current, former and prospective clients. If you haven’t sent cards before, now is a great…more

What Prompted AcuMax?

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James “Jay” Hawreluk, the creator of the AcuMax Index, first became involved in the psychometric arena nearly 20 years ago. Being a business executive with an aptitude in marketing, finance and statistics, Jay was fascinated with psychometric testing and how it could be used to determine what motivated people in different types of work or…more