Making the Best Remote Hiring Decisions

The shift to remote work as a permanent arrangement for many employers has opened up the hiring potential for companies. Hiring is incredibly competitive right now, but employers being open to candidates in remote locations allows employers more potential to find the best candidate that will fit the role and the organization perfectly.
Remote hiring isn’t without its drawbacks, as it can be more difficult to fully assess a candidate’s fit for your organization through standard interviewing processes. This sentiment was reflected in Workable’s New World of Work survey, as remote onboarding and training were cited by 37.4% of respondents as a leading challenge when hiring during the COVID-19 crisis. The survey asked respondents what they thought the biggest challenges of remote hiring would be going forward in this new remote hiring and work environment. The top responses were candidate engagement (51.7%), candidate onboarding (49.7%), and candidate evaluation (42.4%), easily doubling and even tripling any tech-focused concerns such as insufficient technology available (internet, systems) and lack of buy-in/adoption for the hiring team.
Using hiring assessments can help your teams make the best remote hiring decisions during candidate evaluation. Knowing how a person is wired can help you have a more engaging work environment and onboarding experience.
A candidate may have the correct skillset, the right experience, and interview well. Still, there is additional information you can learn about a candidate to make a data-driven hiring decision. If you don’t know how a candidate’s hardwiring, you may still be hiring the wrong employee for the job. Our hardwiring influences what matters to us, our preferred way of processing information, engaging, communicating and solving problems, which are all areas that determine success in a particular position. Additionally, if your new employee doesn’t fit into your company culture, it will not be a long-term solution for your organization. The AcuMax Index® is statistically validated and EEOC compliant, so you can use the assessment with confidence and overcome the challenges of hiring new employees for your remote (or in-person) workplace. Every candidate will complete a simple assessment that clearly defines their particular wiring pattern. The hiring manager can then use these results to determine the candidate’s fit for a specific role.
You can also use an employee’s wiring to improve their engagement level and provide a better onboarding experience. AcuMax provides tools that will help you create an engaging workplace so that employees connect quickly and their engagement starts before their first day. What usually takes months to learn about an employee is established rapidly by using comprehensive wiring profile reports. With a person genuinely hardwired for success in a particular job, that person’s engagement with the job is a long-term commitment and deepens over time. Employees who are an excellent match for their jobs are usually much easier to manage because they are happy, satisfied and productive.

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