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Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Pre-Employment Testing

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Mistakes in hiring can be costly, especially if it is a legal mistake. Pre-employment testing is a valuable resource to get insight into potential candidates, but not all tests are legally compliant. One major issue involves compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). If a company’s assessment process is challenged in court, violations of…more

Five Affordable Appreciation Ideas to Keep Employees Happy

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It is a stressful time for many employees and employers alike. Even though it might be a financially difficult environment for many small and medium-sized businesses, keeping employees satisfied with their positions can help reduce turnover. Part of keeping employees happy is ensuring that their hardwiring is a good fit for the role, but it…more

What Drives Your Employees?

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Finding out what motivates your employees to work can be like finally finding a key to open a locked door. It can seem like some employee’s sole motivation is collecting a paycheck, while other team members are going all out and doing the best they can to perform above their job duties. Some team members…more

Identifying and Preventing Workplace Bullying

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Bullying and workplace bullying have become a more commonly discussed topic in recent years and there has been increased awareness about toxic workplace environments. Workplace bullying is harmful to mental and physical health, causing stress, depression, anxiety, blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, sleep disturbances and more. The impact of bullying isn’t limited to the victim, it…more

Getting Your Company Ready for Remote Recruiting and Virtual Interviews

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Conducting remote interviews isn’t new, many large companies have been doing it for years, but it has become the norm in recent months. If your company did not previously conduct interviews virtually, you may want to think about your hiring processes and how to transition your hiring standards to being entirely or predominately virtual. The…more

July Tip Sheet 2020

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Strange AcuMax Encounters of the Weird Kind Something momentous occurred last week but received virtually no media coverage. (We are informed that apparently, other things have been happening in the news). Last week, a spaceship landed outside AcuMax headquarters and the following conversation occurred between an extraterrestrial visitor and AcuMax Staff.Visitor:    Gooogly hi pee put.…more

Using Psychometric Testing and Personality Tests for Employment

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Psychometric testing for employment allows you to uncover the innate wiring of potential candidates during the hiring process, circumventing the subjective nature of interviews. During an interview, prospective candidates know what to say to make a good impression and what an interviewer wants to hear. This doesn’t mean that a candidate is being dishonest or…more

Digitally Attracting Customers to Your Small Business

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Small businesses don’t have the luxury of big budgets or being haphazard in their approach to marketing. Being strategic and highly focused will help a small business get the most out of its marketing budget. Here are some digital marketing tips for small businesses to help you get started: Develop a strategy The first step…more