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How to Develop a High Performing Workforce from Any Talent Pool

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Two of the most expensive words any business owner can say are: “You’re fired.” Donald Trump made a fortune using these words, and he turned firing people into entertainment. But, in the real world, losing an employee disrupts the company’s stability and erodes its competitive edge. In this article, we will introduce you to a…more

Sales Hunter or Sales Farmer?

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Should You Hire a Sales Hunter or Sales Farmer? The Answer Will Determine Your Sales Performance A Brief Case Study “A few members of our leadership team doubted there was a difference between sales farmers and sales hunters … there is no doubt now!” What type of salesperson produces the most revenue in your business? Do you need hunters,…more

Workforce Development

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Build a Workforce That Works! Why do 46% of new hires fail (national average)? Why is the average rate of turnover 22% (even when the unemployment rate is high)? The cost of turnover is high (typically 20% of the annual salary of an employee being replaced.) Why is it that CEOs estimate that 40% of…more