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Identifying what career development and promotion methods work best for an individual employee can be accomplished by knowing how the employee is wired

Matching the wiring profile of a promotable employee with the wiring profile of the position he or she might be promoted into can be the difference between career development and a career ending train wreck. It is not necessary that an employee be a perfect match to the job, but it is important to know what accommodations should be made to tailor both the employee and the job for the best possible fit.

How to Develop and Promote Based on How an Employee is Wired

For long-term success, any organization needs to place a high value on developing their employees and providing them with advancement opportunities. Many agree with this approach, the difficulty is with implementation.
A person who is hired or promoted into a new position should meet three criteria:

  1. The employee will accept a promotion
  2. The employee has the skills to do the job
  3. The employee is wired to perform that job

If these three criteria are met, there is every reason to believe that the employee will be successful in this new role. However, if one of the three criteria is lacking, the likelihood of success for that employee is greatly diminished.

How a Whole Workforce is Developed from the Ground Up

A 60 year old manufacturing plant in a small town was finding it difficult to find skilled workers in the local workforce. To address this problem, the Human Resources Manager created a system to develop machinists and other skilled trades needed to run the facility.
This was a ground-up approach starting with the selection of new hires that fit the job profile, and then teaching them the skills needed to perform the job. The company found that this approach allowed them to invest their training dollars in the right way and into the right people, which yielded a skilled employee in 9 – 14 months.  In the past it was taking 4 – 7 years for a new hire to come up to speed.
As a result of the new system, the business is experiencing record revenue and growth. According to the HR Manager, an integral part of this success has been the AcuMax Index.  Hiring teachable people, based on their natural wiring, and matching them to the right job is the surest way to create promotable employees.

Grooming and Developing an Employee

Grooming an employee for promotion implies that a process is taking place aimed at developing that person’s skills and abilities. Further, it usually means that the employee is being groomed for a particular job that will become available sometime in the future. In other words, there is time to get the employee ready for a new challenge. All that is good, but in reality most organizations do little more than identify promising employees, and when a promotion opportunity arises, they move a targeted employee into that new role. Little development or grooming ever takes place.
Developing and promoting employees in the ‘real world’ can be difficult and time consuming, but there is a way to stack the deck in your favor. If you have identified a strong candidate for promotion, find out how that person is wired before making any promotion decisions. Also, do an assessment of the job they might take to determine what type of wiring profile matches that role.
Once you know how a person is wired, and you understand the wiring profile that is best suited for their new job, you will know how to promote that employee. You can decide if that person is a good match…regardless of his or her previous experience or skills. If you determine that the profiles match, it then makes sense to take a closer look at the employee’s skillset and experience.

AcuMax Index

The AcuMax Index is the answer to making better promotion decisions. AcuMax is the only assessment resource that reveals a job candidate’s natural wiring. After you hire an individual, you will find out how their natural wiring impacts their job performance. Wouldn’t it be better to know how a candidate is wired before promoting them into a higher level job? It can be done!
To get started, try the AcuMax Index for yourself by taking the AcuMax Survey for free. It’s all online, fast and fun.
Learn more about how the AcuMax Index can help your organization understand what makes your top performers so good – and how to replicate them! Contact Us or call us today at 844-228-6291.

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