Are Your Employees Engaged?

creative ways to engage employees

We are not asking if your employees are about to be married

But, we are asking if your employees are dedicated to achieving your organization’s goals. Engaged workers love their jobs and work to make their organization better every day. This question is relevant since Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace study reports that only 33% of U.S. workers are “engaged” at work. On the other end of the spectrum, 16% of employees are “actively disengaged.” They are miserable at work and subvert what the most engaged employees build. The remaining employees (51%) are not engaged, but are just there getting by and collecting a pay check. Many of the disengaged and actively disengaged have mentally “quit” their jobs. They just haven’t formally given you notice.
Improving employee engagement is a significant factor in retention. Engaged employees are more productive and more likely to be committed to their employer and to remain as employees. In the survey, Gallup asked employees to identify the attributes they considered most important to remaining with a company versus taking a job with another organization. The number one response identified by 60% of those employees surveyed was “the ability to do what they do best.” This held true for both male and female employees and across all generations. Do you see the obvious connection to AcuMax?
The report explained that:

“Essentially, ‘do what I do best’ comes down to matching the right person with the right role and the right culture. When employees are a mismatch for their role and organization, they often struggle to succeed or become bored and restless. Their days – even their careers – can feel wasted, along with their sense of purpose. Workers want roles and employers that allow them to make the most of their strengths.”

Relate this back to AcuMax to identify job roles and execute the following creative employee engagement strategies:
1. Construct Position Assessments to identify the ideal characteristics for your positions and where relevant, the culture of your organization. Use the new Behavioral Competencies feature in Position Assessments to do an even deeper dive for Leaders, Managers and Team Members.
2. Compare individual Assessment results to your Position Assessments so that you hire candidates and place existing employees in the right roles. Look for Green Matches (75% or higher) for best alignment.
3. Study the Coaching Tips, Adjusted Self and Motivator Application Reports of your employees. Look at whether employees are Energized, Neutral or De-Energized and for drives crossing the line. Coach your employees to their individual strengths and potential limitations. Apply additional Motivators to their High drives when necessary. Utilize the Management and Sales Style Report for additional information if applicable to employee roles.
4. Align people to roles that better play to an individual’s strengths.
5. Importantly, Resurvey for fresh Adjusted Self results if employees appear challenged in their roles or if their roles have changed (allowing time for employees to settle into new roles and 90 days more for the best Adjusted Self results). We will be hosting a webinar later this month to discuss: When, Why and How to Conduct Reassessments for Better Employee Engagement. (See below for webinar attendance information).
AcuMax gives you the tools to identify what your employees “do best” and align people to their strengths!

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