Digitally Attracting Customers to Your Small Business

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of big budgets or being haphazard in their approach to marketing. Being strategic and highly focused will help a small business get the most out of its marketing budget. Here are some digital marketing tips for small businesses to help you get started:
Develop a strategy
The first step that you need to take is to develop a solid marketing strategy that really drills down into what you’re trying to achieve. Identify your ideal customer in as much detail as possible and then learn about the habits and mindset of that demographic. How do those customers use the web, where do they shop, and how do they use technology. Another element of the strategy should be to define how much a lead is worth by calculating the percentage of leads convert to customers and how much each customer is worth.
Targeted advertising
Decide whether using pay-per-click (PPC) or platforms like Facebook would work best for your defined demographic. When using PPC use longer phrases and geographically target your ads. Before you start the campaign you can see the estimated cost-per-click (CPC) and see if paying that much per click makes financial sense for your business based on the value of each customer. Facebook ads also allow you to target the ads, using different targeting parameters than search engines. Facebook ads allow targeting by location, gender, age, professions, interest and more.
Organic Marketing
Using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques will help improve your organic (unpaid) ranking in search results. There is a common misconception that SEO is “free” but just because you aren’t paying for each click doesn’t mean that SEO isn’t an investment in time and resources. Ensure that your website is free of any technical errors. Develop engaging content that includes the keywords that you want to rank for and then you will need to promote the content heavily across social platforms.
Your current customers can be one of your greatest lead sources. Create a referral rewards system that gives current customers something of value for sending referrals to you. It can be something like a month of a different service for free, this has the dual purpose of letting customers experience some of the other services you offer.

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