Using Psychometric Testing and Personality Tests for Employment

Psychometric testing for employment allows you to uncover the innate wiring of potential candidates during the hiring process, circumventing the subjective nature of interviews. During an interview, prospective candidates know what to say to make a good impression and what an interviewer wants to hear. This doesn’t mean that a candidate is being dishonest or trying to misrepresent themselves, it is natural for candidates to want to put their best foot forward and to promote the best parts of themselves during an interview. However, a company needs to know as a whole whether a candidate will be the right fit for the role and the organization and needs data to help make objective decisions.
What is psychometrics?
Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement. Psychometrics includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits. The field is primarily concerned with the study of differences between individuals.
Why you should use psychometric testing with personality tests for employment
As I mentioned above, interviews can be subjective, and so can a lot of other aspects of the traditional hiring process. Resumes give a lot of good background information, they establish past employment experience and give you an idea of what a candidate has established in the past. However, what a candidate has done and what they are capable of doing for your organization are two different things. Psychometric testing for employment looks at a person’s hardwiring and lets you know how a person will fit into a role; it is a data-driven way to predict likely outcomes. For example, during the assessment a candidate will be asked a range of questions designed specifically to uncover hidden aspects of their personality. Questions may focus on what motivates a person, how he or she deals with stress, how quickly a person learns, among many other essential factors. Additionally, questions are arranged in such a way that makes it impossible to simply tell a hiring manager what she wants to hear. This is how psychometric assessment tests create a reliable employee profile that touches on numerous aspects.
How you can use psychometric testing for employment assessments
We have already covered how employment assessments are used during the hiring process as the right testing process reduces the guesswork surrounding hiring, which can be quite costly when a company is faced with a high turnover rate. However, hiring isn’t the only place that you can use employment tests. You can use employment assessments as a tool for checking in with existing workers and to learn more about how to create a high performing team. AcuMax Index results will enable you to discover whether your workers are engaged and motivated, and how to modify or incentivize their behavior. Employment tests can also help you define a company culture, hone leadership skills, and optimize your team to work more efficiently.

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