Employee Assessments are a Cost-Effective Way to Rebuild Your Workforce

The economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are far-reaching, but perhaps most evident in the United States’ soaring unemployment rates. With unemployment topping 14% in April of 2020, you would be hard-pressed to find a company that wasn’t forced to make the difficult decision to furlough, lay off, or terminate employees due to shutdowns and decreased revenue. But with the light of reopening on the economic horizon, employers face what could be an even more challenging decision: how to properly rebuild their workforce.
The easy answer to rebuilding your workforce is to rehire those employees that were laid off or terminated. Certainly, rehiring laid-off employees presents the least liability for employers, but it may nevertheless be the wrong decision for a business. What if the laid-off employees were low performers? What if the business needs have changed so significantly as to make the previous workforce compilation obsolete? With the need to hit the ground running, employers may only have one chance to make sure their workforce is ready for the market.
Employers probably won’t have a lot of time to juggle the task of hiring while trying to reopen their business. Potential employee assessments, like AcuMax, is a way for employers to save time and money during the rehiring process, and also bring equity into the decision of who to hire back. Having all potential employees and new candidates complete an AcuMax assessment can reduce the number of viable candidates for a role by identifying the wiring profile for every position that needs to be filled and then every candidate will complete a simple assessment that defines their wiring pattern. Hiring the wrong candidate can be extremely costly, and this isn’t a time where many businesses can afford to lose money on hiring. AcuMax has unlimited employee assessment pricing, which means you aren’t paying more to use the tool by having every person complete an assessment during the rehiring process.
Potential employee assessments are also great if you’re trying to see who in your talent pool may be able to step into a new role, for example, if you have two open leadership roles and would prefer to fill them with the employees you’re rehiring, you can use the AcuMax employee assessment to see who has the natural wiring to be able to succeed in a leadership role for the first time.
Finally, assessments offer a way to be equitable while rehiring employees. Some businesses are going to have to make permanent or longterm staff reductions due to being shut down or reducing profits. Deciding who to bring back can seem like an impossible choice, and you want to make sure you’re being equitable when deciding who to rehire. AcuMax allows you to get a list of candidates who have the wiring necessary to succeed at the job and doesn’t take into account other factors like age, gender, ethnicity, or race when producing the results. AcuMax potential employee assessments help business owners be as objective as possible when making rehiring decisions.

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