Highly Effective Teams

highly effective teams

“…looking at a job  or position change, I can see that this person fits the position and [what] the needs are of the position…it’s very logically done, in a very easy to read format…”

Randy Brodzik, President of RedViking Engineering explains how he used the AcuMax Index ® to turn groups in conflict into highly effective teams.

“We have had a number of conflicts internally, but we’ve also had some hiring mistakes. We’re looking to try to improve on both our operation and our hiring practices.
I became aware of AcuMax through another organization. We thought we would give it a try.
I think the results were surprising, how well the AcuMax Index actually “nailed” everybody and accurately depicted what their hard wiring is, and how they operate. It has helped us to interact with everyone, and make sure that we have a more harmonious environment.
I like the overview that the AcuMax Index give us that helps you know how to interact with individuals. AcuMax is something that we’re trying to utilize and integrate more into our operation – especially in situations where we may need to negotiate.
There are times you’ll need to be working on some tough problems with different people. It’s good to understand whether they’re data-driven, or they just want the results. Especially when I’m looking at a job or a position change. I look at their AcuMax Profile to see whether this person fits that position, and what the needs are of that position. I think the AcuMax is very logically done. The reports are very useful and they’re in a very easy to read format so we can create even more effective teams.”
To learn more about how the AcuMax Index® can help your organization to identify and match highly-motivated candidates with the perfect employment position and build highly effective teams, we invite you to Contact Us or call us today at 844-228-6291.
The AcuMax Index is helping organizations of all sizes to hire with confidence, dramatically increasing retention and improving performance.

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