Highly Engaged Teams

highly engaged teams

“What sets AcuMax apart is the technology…able to produce different reports…the average pattern report allows me to make quick decisions without getting lost in the individual profile data.”

Chris McCollum, Special Programs Advisor at AcuMax, Inc. explains how AcuMax makes it easy to lead highly engaged teams.

“One problem a lot of organizations are experiencing is a workforce that’s not as engaged as they need to be. Engagement has to do with motivation and influence. The AcuMax IndexⓇ allows you to have the insight into how people are motivated, and how people are influenced. When you know how people are naturally motivated the problem of engagement is easily solved.
What sets apart the AcuMax Index from a lot of the other tools is the technology. The AcuMax IT system provides the manager with different types of reports. If I’m a manager responsible for a large department, and I don’t have time to dive into the details of each individual profile, I’m able to access the average pattern that represents multiple people in my department. That gives me a pretty good idea of how I should lead that team. It tells me whether I need to give them more information or present more data. Maybe I need to help them predict certain events that are happening or that a change is coming down the road. It allows me to make quick decisions without getting lost in the individual profile data.”
To learn more about how the AcuMax Index® can help your organization to identify and match highly-motivated candidates with the perfect employment position, we invite you to Contact Us or call us today at 844-228-6291.
The AcuMax Index is helping organizations of all sizes utilize data to drive team member engagement and to hire with confidence, dramatically increasing retention and improving performance.

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