Team Communication

team communication

“We were having difficulty with our small staff communicating and decided to investigate why…It was really enlightening.”


Denise Fournier-Tudor, Director of Marketing at Aeroseal explains how they began using AcuMax to better communicate and make decisions as a team.

“We were having difficulty communicating within our team. We would come to meetings and we weren’t getting the results or coming to the conclusions that we desired. We decided to investigate why. It was really enlightening to know that people are wired certain ways, and you can identify that wiring and better communicate with each other. That was our primary purpose.
Since we’ve added AcuMax, we use it for other purposes such as hiring. We have surveyed all of the employees. We now post our AcuMax Profile results outside of our door so we’re reminded, “This is how you’re wired, this is how you will best receive communications from me.” We respect those results now.
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