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how to handle employee conflict in the workplace

Knowing how employees are wired can be a tremendous advantage when dealing with employee conflicts in the workplace

Often conflict is caused by miscommunication or misinterpretation.
People with different wiring profiles can easily see situations differently and come into conflict. When this happens, if each party to the conflict recognizes that he or she is wired differently, it is likely the conflict will resolve itself. From a management perspective, knowing how to handle employee conflict in the workplace and how they are wired makes it easier to find common ground and help them reach an equitable resolution.

Keeping the Peace and Resolving Conflicts

Have you ever acted as the referee in a dispute between two employees? If you’ve been in management for any time, that is an experience most managers don’t like. It is also a situation where it is possible for the manager to create even more division and discord.
There are four possible outcomes that can result from an employee conflict in the workplace.

  1. The employees can’t forget it and the disagreements continues, along with hard feelings
  2. The employees agree to disagree and say they will move on, but hard feelings remain
  3. The employees agree to disagree and move on, no hard feelings
  4. The employees actually resolve the disagreement and things return to normal

A savvy manager can help move the disagreeing parties closer together as she knows how each one of the combatants is wired. As a matter of fact, the employees engaged in the disagreement are in a better position to resolve the conflict themselves if they are aware of their own wiring profiles.
For example, if one employee in a disagreement is wired to be a big picture person and likes to make quick decisions, and the other employee is wired to be detailed oriented and needs time to process information before coming to a conclusion, the ability of these two people to easily see eye-to-eye and resolve a conflict is unlikely.
However, if the manager understands each employees’ wiring profiles, he can create a bridge to help them reach a deeper level of understanding, and possibly resolve their conflict. Having knowledge of our own wiring and the wiring of others helps to build mutual respect for the strengths each person brings to the table. This understanding if often the difference between keeping the lines of communication open, and closing down all communications.
I’ve been studying people for years and trying to discover why they do what they do. I’ve found that once you know how a person is naturally wired, you essentially solve that mystery.
To take it step further, once you know the specific wiring pattern that goes with a particular job in an organization, you are in position to match up the candidate to the job. When you align a job candidate’s background, skill set, and wiring profile to a job, that person is naturally more productive, satisfied and stays longer in the position.
One of the most positive aspects of AcuMax is the language that is used.  People see how to communicate in a positive way with one another, and improve their interactions in the work environment. Once we know why people are wired the way they are, the mystery about people goes away.

AcuMax Index

The AcuMax Index® is the answer to helping employees resolve conflicts and disagreements in the workplace. AcuMax is the only assessment resource that reveals an employee’s natural wiring. After you hire an individual, you will find out how their natural wiring impacts their job performance and ability to get along with fellow employees. Wouldn’t it be better to know how a candidate is wired before bringing them into the organization? It can be done!
To get started, try the AcuMax Index for yourself by taking the AcuMax Survey for free. It’s all online, fast and fun.
Learn more about how the AcuMax Index can help your organization understand what makes your top performers so good – and how to replicate them! Contact Us or call us today at 844-228-6291.

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