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strategies to reduce employee turnover

During the recruiting and hiring process, make sure you find out how a promising candidate is wired before offering him or her the job

Interviews, reference checks and resumes are all important parts of the hiring process, but without an understanding of a candidate’s true nature, as revealed by their wiring, a decision to hire or not hire a particular candidate is risky. This is one of many strategies to reduce employee turnover.

Wired for Success

Statistically speaking, most organizations do a poor job of selecting the right person for the job.  Fortune magazine presented research that showed an average turnover rate of nearly 50% within the first 18 months.  Putting that troublesome statistic into dollars and cents; the Center for American Progress stated – “For workers earning less than $50,000 annually in 2011, which covers three-quarters of all workers in the US – the cost of turnover was between 16% and 20% of the employee’s salary.”   This figure has remained fairly constant up to the present.

Be Honest About Employee Turnover

There are good reasons to improve our recruiting and hiring processes.  If saving money isn’t at the top of the list, then how about avoiding the disruption that comes with turnover, or not having to go through the lengthy process of finding a replacement.  If we are honest, it is far more efficient to build a selection process that consistently identifies the best candidates, rather than sticking with our trial-and-error processes.
Many companies have resigned themselves to the fact that turnover, even a large amount of turnover, is unavoidable…it is one of the costs of doing business.  If you agree that the so called ‘fact’ of unavoidable turnover might be more ‘fiction’ than fact, then taking the next step should be easy.  And…building a better selection process is easier than you might think.

When the Honeymoon Ends

How a person is wired eventually comes out, it cannot be hidden forever. For example, the term ‘when the honeymoon is over’ must stem from that eye-opening experience all married people have when they see the real person behind the happy-face facade. The same thing happens when a new employee is hired, and to some extent when an existing employee is promoted into a higher position. Eventually, the real person comes out from behind the façade, and we hope it is someone we can live with.
A real-life example how hiring the right people saves time and reduces employee turnover is seen in the results of one of our clients. The company was about to double in size in a short time period. They were experiencing hiring and turnover challenges and found it difficult to move so many candidates through the recruiting pipeline with their old system.
When they started using AcuMax and identified a candidate’s natural wiring up front, it helped them make better hiring decisions and get the right person in the right seat…the first time around. This process also provided minimal disruption to the business because using AcuMax they were able to quickly identify the candidates’ natural wiring and match them to available jobs.
The answer to reducing employee turnover rates by half or even more lies in understanding a candidate’s natural wiring. How people are wired is more about their biology than their environment. Our wiring is set in early childhood and basically never changes.
Wiring governs how we think, how we communicate, how we process information, and the environment in which we best thrive. Wiring never changes. While personality, behavior, preferences and attitude are situational, and can be tailored to fit various needs (e.g. impress a job interviewer), our wiring is deeper and remains constant.

The AcuMax Index is the Missing Step

The AcuMax Index is the answer to challenges with employee selection and retention. AcuMax is the only pre-employment assessment that reveals a candidate’s natural wiring. After you hire a person you will find out how their natural wiring impacts the job and the organization.  Wouldn’t it be better to know how a candidate is wired before putting him or her on the payroll?  It can be done!
To get started, try the AcuMax Index for yourself by taking the AcuMax Survey for free.  It’s all online, fast and fun.
Learn more about how the AcuMax Index can help your organization understand what makes your top performers so good – and how to replicate them! Contact Us or call us today at 844-228-6291.

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