How to Spark Joy and Implement Marie Kondo’s Techniques in Your Business

I am sure that you have heard of Marie Kondo by now. Kondo has an organization method, the KonMarie method, that she explains in her a successful book, The Lifechanging Art of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, and popular show on Netflix. The KonMarie method has been sweeping across the US and made her a regular topic of conversation. As you may be going through your house and tidying up doing some spring cleaning, you should consider implementing Marie Kondo’s methods in your business.
Tidying up the unnecessary clutter and getting organized can help you simplify your business. Here are some things that you can do in your business using the KonMarie method:
Focus on what “sparks joy”
A large part of the KonMarie method is finding what sparks joy for you. This doesn’t mean throwing out every practical thing in your office because it doesn’t spark joy! Start with your office and take a good look around. You may notice some clutter, a lot of us are guilty of having lots of papers, books and knick-knacks. Take each of those items, hold it, and see if it sparks joy for you. Start with an item that you know that you love, like an award that you’re proud of, and this will help you understand what it feels like when an item sparks joy. Going through this process you should be able to tidy up your office and get rid of items that are no longer serving you or your business. This exercise will also illuminate what needs to be refreshed in your business. Are you holding your company mission statement but finding that it no longer sparks joy? Maybe it is time for a refresh of items like your elevator pitch, sales materials or marketing.
Express your gratitude
With each item that you let go of you should express the gratitude of what it has meant for you and your business. So, before you get rid of an old stack of papers in your office about a project take a moment to reflect on what you or your business was able to learn from that experience. This is also a practice in thoughtfulness. The gratitude can also extend beyond the process of physical decluttering. Take a moment to think about what has served you in your business and brought you to where you are and be grateful for the experiences and opportunities. Even something that you may think is negative deserves your gratitude. Had a bad product launch? It taught you about what to improve the next time. Lost a client but handled it with grace? Maybe they will become a client again or you will work with them in another role in the future.
In short, de-clutter, organize, reflect and learn during the entire process.  This may also spark some creative juices while you are performing this activity!

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