How Turnover is Linked to Hiring Practices

Reducing employee turnover

Business owners and managers all agree that turnover can be a massive waste of time and resources. So how to reduce employee turnover? Leaders around the world are constantly looking for ways to improve hiring efficiency, and many agree that additional screening before hiring is one of the key strategies to reduce employee turnover. But first, you must examine the role you need filled and decide exactly what profile the perfect match will have in order to succeed in that role. Using technology to improve hiring methods is an easy way to update your hiring practices. The AcuMax Index is designed to screen potential hires, so you can find that perfect match without breaking a sweat.
Types of Employees
How to reduce employee turnover tipsDifferent people are better suited for different roles within an organization; that is just a fact of life. People are all wired differently and prefer or gravitate towards various sources of information and challenges. And how they process this information or attempt these challenges is also various even among groups of colleagues. Hiring managers know that putting people into roles they are naturally a better fit for is an important part of growing any organization, so building an understanding of the different types of people and where they will be the most successful is a crucial task. Personality is an underrated aspect of the ideal candidate, especially in roles requiring teamwork. Screening for personalities that will complement your team can mitigate time-consuming distractions like power struggles or even provide a breath of fresh air to an established team.
There are many archetypes for people’s cognitive style and interest they gravitate towards. Deciding which is the best addition to your team is important, although diversity is necessary for innovation and progress. Screening current employees is just as important as pre-screening new ones because different archetypes complement or confront each other in various ways. Many programs that help managers test and profile their employees also allow for tracking these metrics at a macro level, allowing insights into existing teams and what works best over time.
Setting People Up for Success
Candidates receiving jobs they do not have the skills, aptitude, or personality for is usually just a waste of everyone’s time. Usually, within a year of subpar work, the employee is either overwhelmed and leaves or the drain on the rest of the system grows too large and they must be let go. Advanced hiring techniques allow managers to weed these people out before they make it through the door. An internal analysis of the requirements for positions your organization is hiring for using the template of skills, aptitude, and personality will let you know what to search for while staffing.
Especially in markets and industries with few available jobs, people often apply for positions that they know are not a perfect fit. While growth for the individual and the organization can stem from these circumstances, usually it is at the cost of additional productivity or resources for the beginning of the relationship.
Pre Employment Screening
By profiling candidates during the hiring process, you can eliminate a lot of the growing pains in a new position using a thorough understanding of your candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and personality. The traditional interview process is outdated in today’s modern, fast-paced world. Especially when many positions can be performed remotely, the pool of potential candidates is teeming with life and opportunities to find the perfect match. Sorting through all the possibilities is a daunting task, especially when there are so many highly qualified candidates, the days of searching for “a diamond in the rough” are long gone. Even with a host of suitable future employees, there is a right answer on who to hire.
Using technology to sift through the pile can help you select the best fit for your organization. With an advanced program like the AcuMax Index, finding your new teammates is a more efficient and more effective process.

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