Identify Critical Talent

Kris Davidson

“…the tool allows me to quickly filter, analyze and recommend…for employee training, development, career pathing, and leadership opportunities…”

Kris Davidson, Talent Specialist, MRM Worldwide Advertising Agency, explains how AcuMax helped improve communication, teamwork and identify critical talent within the organization.

“One of the problems we had as an agency was lack of communication. We we’re hoping that by integrating a self-awareness tool such as AcuMax that it would help bring awareness to the teams and better communication. We noticed that once there was more understanding, we worked better as a team and we also worked better with our clients.
We were looking at an organizational change, and we needed someone who was a High “B” to help us with the change. I can’t quickly think about who may be a High “B”, so the AcuMax IT system allows me to quickly filter and narrow down a short list of candidates. I can then analyze the list and make the best recommendations for training and development, career pathing, and other leadership opportunities for our employees.”
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