Resolve Conflict

AcuMax Key to resolving conflict in the family business.

“…helped us to figure out why we were always fighting…it was just that we are wired differently…it helped us to be more respectful and understand each other.”

Murray Percival, III, General Manager of the Murray Percival Company discusses how AcuMax has been the key to resolve conflict in the family business.

“We are a family owned business, we have lots of personalities, and we are all very different. Using the AcuMax Index has helped us to understand each other a bit better. It helped us to figure out that we  weren’t always fighting each other, we are just wired differently. That helped us to be more respectful of each other’s opinions and get along a little bit better.
We’ve used other solutions in the past. AcuMax has been simpler. We’ve found in more situations that we get the “lightbulb” to go on a little bit easier. We are utilizing what we’ve learned. It’s easier for people to bring it into everyday situations, and to apply it in their everyday life.
I have definitely used AcuMax in my personal life. I am recently married. My wife and I are complete opposites. Our AcuMax B Drivers are very different. She is an external thinker, and I’m an internal thinker. I can sit and listen to her talk for upwards of 5 minutes, and that’s okay. That works for us because she is actually thinking through the problem, or what we’re going through, and I’m listening. I don’t necessarily have to respond. In most cases that’s okay with her. She just needs to get it all out.”
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The AcuMax Index is helping organizations of all sizes to hire with confidence, dramatically increasing retention and improving performance.

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