Knowledge of Hardwiring Improves Communication

We have probably all experienced situations where poor communication has cost us productivity or caused frustration. For example, reaching out to an employee to check the status of an important deliverable and receiving nothing, being pushed to answer questions and deliver solutions before you’ve had a chance to think things through, or having meetings that end up being a waste of time. How often do your team members battle with messages or trying to get one another to understand, rather than converting dialogue into solutions? These are common communication pitfalls that can be easily remedied by understanding the wiring profiles of your employees.
Our innate wiring helps define how we process and share information, which influences how we engage and communicate in the workplace. AcuMax measures and reports out on how we are wired, giving us a map to better understand ourselves and our coworkers.
Clear and effective communication helps make every conversation productive, if you have a breakdown in communication your employees may not be able to meet their goals, feel understood, or be able to perform simple daily tasks. This can reduce workplace motivation and engagement.
A core cause for broken lines of communication is incompatible wiring profiles, this means that the people talking process and exchange information in different ways, causing a disconnect if they aren’t aware of how their audience will best absorb and understand their message. Not all styles of communication work for all wiring profiles. Some wiring profiles are more engaged through creative discussion with their peers while others need alone time and introspection. By learning the communication styles of your team you will be better able to understand one another and communicate in a way that helps everyone get on the same page. Improving effective communication will increase the productivity of your team meetings and maximize your opportunities for creativity and engagement.

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