Using Employment Testing During Mergers and Acquisition

Going through a merger or acquisition can be a very challenging time for business owners of both organizations, not to mention the staff impacted by the change. One of the most difficult parts of two organizations coming together is figuring out how the leadership team will be able to work together and towards the goals of the new organization. Part of that decision process may also involve who to keep in the organization and who wouldn’t be the optimal choice. Despite every bit of due diligence possible, there will always be some unknowns when trying to bring new leadership teams together.
How do you decide who is the best fit in the new organization? Who will succeed in a new environment or capacity? Your due diligence should include learning more about one of the companies most important assets, its people, in a scientific way. One of the best ways to learn about the human element of a merger or acquisition is by conducting personality exams. This will help reduce the number of unknowns that the employer has to manage. Employment assessments are useful for more than just hiring, it can tell you what you need to know about the employees that you already have and how to best tap into their skills to create a high-performing team.
It may be tempting to try to go the route of having two people occupy the same role in a concurrent way to see who is the better fit, but that can create a lot of conflicts and may result in losing both employees. The most effective way to learn who would be the best fit is by using a personality exam to learn more about each employee’s way of thinking, processing information, adaptability to change and potential to succeed at what will be expected in the new consolidation.
The results of the personality exams can also be used to help newly formed teams better understand one another and how to work together. Overall, a scientifically-based personality assessment will be a worthwhile investment of your time and resources during any merger or acquisition.

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