March Tip 2020 Sheet

AcuMax – Now More than Ever
According to recent studies, 2020 could be the highest year ever for employee turnover. This appears to be the continuation of a growing trend noted since 2014 where annual turnover levels now approach 20% nationally and where nearly 52% of professionals have changed jobs over the last 5 years. Although multiple factors may be in play, clearly, a full or nearly full employment market is a driving force of this record rate of turnover. Employment opportunities abound. Workers who are dissatisfied with certain aspects of their roles can more easily “job jump” to another employer than ever before. This underscores the need now to hire and place employees more – not less – effectively.
Many employers are so desperate put a “butt in the chair” that they are tempted to settle for candidates that are less than optimal position profile matches. That compounds the problem when the position turns over and simply needs to be filled again. And, those training costs are never recouped. If anything, employers should be spending more time vetting candidates to ensure the proper fit to each position. Utilize the AcuMax Index and Acumen to the fullest and call upon our consultants when you feel challenged to find the best applicant. The only thing worse than having to fill an open position – is having to refill the same position over and over again.
Avoid the Spinning Wheel!

If you receive a spinning wheel or a constant hourglass when attempting to access certain pages of the AcuMax web application – you may be using an outdated browser. Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and is unable to load advanced web pages such as those used by our application. Try using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge to obtain full access to AcuMax 2.1.
Day Light Savings Blues

Having kids basically feels like waking up on the first morning of daylight savings time very day … for 18 years.

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