October Special Edition Tip Sheet

AcuMax 2.1 Web Application Release 
All of the features you enjoy about AcuMax 2.0 plus new improvements are coming with our newest release AcuMax 2.1 to be deployed on Friday, October 4, 2019 at 9 pm ET.  The system will not be available for 12 to 24 hours following deployment in order to make the data migration change.
Couple of basic changes:

  1. Send Survey is now Send / Add People
  2. Batch Send is now Batch / Add People
  3. Reporting is now People by Folder

The Blue Action Button will still be on the screen.  However, when you select this button, you’ll get a pop-up with all functions – no more need to scroll through the dropdown.

You will immediately notice more color and pop on screen and in the reports generated from the system.
AcuMax 2.1 provides new functionalities such as expanded search capabilities, the ability to send messages to employees directly from the application, a status dashboard and Acumen – our cognitive skills and mental agility assessment – will be part of our new 2.1 system.  
We have created several quick watch demonstration videos for the 2.1 system. Please go to Resources on the web application and select the 2.1 video for a tutorial on AcuMax 2.1.

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