Four Ways Your Business Can Get Customer Feedback

The easiest way to find out if you’re meeting your customer’s needs is to ask them. Gathering customer feedback gives you meaningful information about your product, service or soft-skills. Implementing these strategic ways to gather customer feedback will give you the data you need to holistically improve your business.
Follow Up
This is a personalized method of gathering customer feedback directly from consumers. After the product or service has been rendered send a quick note or call to ask how they’re doing and if they’re satisfied. If they aren’t satisfied it offers you a way to remedy the situation and an opportunity to fix a broken relationship with a client.
Anonymous Surveys
Put anonymous surveys at major customer interaction points such as in an email signature, after purchase, on your website and after providing customer service. Survey tools don’t need to be expensive and complicated, many free survey tools exist that allow for the quick and seamless gathering of information.  Having the survey be anonymous allows people to express their opinions without worrying about hurting feelings, you will be more likely to get honest and open feedback.
Net Promoter Score
Net Promoter Score measures the willingness of a customer to recommend a company’s products or services to others. The score is used to help measure the customer’s overall satisfaction and their loyalty to your company’s product or service. The Net Promoter is calculated based on the response to a single question: How likely is it that you would recommend our company’s product/service to a friend or a colleague? The scoring is usually based on a 1-10 scale with 10 being that they would definitely recommend. If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to get a gauge of how your company is performing than using a Net Promoter Score is a great option.
Incentivize Feedback
Give your customers a reason to spend their time providing you with feedback by offering them an incentive for providing reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook and more. Positive public reviews will help your business bring in new customers. You can limit the number of incentives one person can get but it also gives the customer a reason to come back to use their incentive. This provides a win-win of bringing an existing customer back while drawing in new customers.

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