How to Retain and Engage Your Employees

Retaining and engaging employees tips

Do you think it would be valuable to know what your employees are thinking? Think how helpful it would be when choosing whom to hire and fire. While that may seem impossible, there are specific principles and tools that can help you unravel your current and prospective employees’ thoughts. It is not only enlightening information but critical data for selecting the right employees and learning how to increase employee engagement and how to retain employees. Everyone processes information in different ways. When your organization recognizes and addresses these differences, they can unleash everyone’s full potential and creativity. A lot of this can be made simpler by using pre-employment assessments and choosing candidates whose profile matches your organization’s needs and culture. By using an advanced program like the AcuMax Index, you can gather comprehensive employee data through a powerful web application.
Identify Sources of Turnover
How to retain and engage employeesOftentimes, high turnover is a sign of low engagement. By gathering key personality and performance data with web-based applications like AcuMax, you can implement employee retainment ideas and reduce turnover. You’ll also keep more of your top performers on your team instead of your competition’s. Figuring out how to reduce employee turnover can reduce expenses by saving time in staff onboarding and training programs.
Avoid turnover by taking an active interest in your employees and giving them opportunities to work on teams of like-minded individuals. You can create teams that work and select people with the right talent and drive necessary for project success. With assessment data in hand, you can give your employees a voice and help them feel valued and heard. Make sure they know their importance or they may take their skills somewhere else.
Provide Opportunities
Employees that leave or disengage from their job often feel that they are in a low impact or a “dead end” position. Recognizing how they impact the overall company can boost their self-confidence and morale. This can make a huge difference for an employee who is walking the line between burnout and apathy. When an employee excels at something, ask if they want to do more projects or tasks that are similar. This lets them know that not only did they do well, but they are important and needed in order to do continue with the current success. Opportunities to use their passions are key to making the job more personally rewarding for them. Opportunities for growth are important but opportunities to open up and communicate can be just as powerful. Have the leaders in your organization budget some of their time for mentoring employees that potentially have a future in your organization. Developing leadership and showing an active interest in the careers of your people could reveal interests or passions for a role that individuals may be better suited for or can be groomed for in the future.
Profile Your Employees
Building a profile of your employees as a group while also identifying outliers is an important way to figure out new employee engagement ideas. In the employee life cycle, profiling is best done during the selection of new employees, but it can also benefit the organization and the employees to do it at any other stage, including annual reviews or at the completion of projects.
Whether you need to find the root of problems in your organization’s culture or with specific employees, screening them with technology can provide insight that people tend to hold back in conversation. By using a profiling application like the AcuMax Index, you remove a lot of guesswork and set yourself up for success with an enlightened look into your employee’s minds. Take this opportunity to create a happier workforce with results that may even surprise you.

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