What Drives You Crazy?

what drives you crazy

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Every high or low drive has its strengths and accompanying limitations. Often, the limitation is how the drive is perceived or received by others. In some cases, like drives do seem to attract. Low A’s do tend to work well in team driven environments with other Low A individuals. High C’s do seek to affiliate with other High C co-workers. In other cases, like drives may repel one another. High A’s can be actively aggressive sometimes. To other High A’s, that can spark competition and contests for dominance. In many cases where workers are in conflict, we find two individuals with nearly identical profiles who are both High A’s seeking to act upon their own ideas to the consternation of the other.
Being aware of your drives and those of your co-workers is often the first step toward conflict resolution in the workplace, as it helps to depersonalize interactions and puts the conflict in perspective. The second step is to find common ground where despite differing approaches, employees can agree to lay aside their differences to achieve a mutually satisfying goal. Start with the assumption that everyone has good intentions and impress upon the actors that many times, more than one road can lead to success. The third step is to improve communication between the participants. Beginning and especially ending every day with a recap of successes and areas needing additional attention is great way to ensure that everyone is on the same page and to address issues before they become problems. If you have employees who always seem to be butting heads, put your AcuMax principles to work through a process of conflict resolution or call an AcuMax consultant for assistance.

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