War Stories | The Value of the Position Profile

the value of the position profile

Position Profile Impacts the Hiring Process

We often get emails and calls from clients about the Position Profile and how it impacts a hire. Once a Position Profile is created and validated, you can simply compare and get a Green, Yellow or Red match. Green means it is a perfect match to the Position Profile. Yellow means it is a good match, but look at the profile closer to determine if that candidate is a fit. A Red means the “long-term chance of success is marginal.”
To illustrate the point, below is a recap of an actual telephone conversation with an AcuMax client regarding the hire of a candidate who was a Red match.
Client: “I think there may be a problem with your Position Profile matching system. We hired a person who was a Red match to the Position Profile and he did a good job. He worked out very well in the role and we were happy with his work.”
Response: “Why do you keep referring to this employee in the past tense?”
Client: “Well, he did a great job for 6 weeks then left for another position.”
Response: “A Red match does not mean the person cannot do the work, it means that long-term success in the role (being a long-term positive contributing employee) is marginal. Would you say that six weeks in the role is long-term?”
Client: Silence, then the following: “I guess you are right, please forget this call.”
This instance has occurred several times. Clients have contacted us many times to say they hired a candidate who was a Red match only to have that employee voluntarily or involuntarily leave the company soon thereafter.
What is the moral of the story? Creating and validating Position Profiles and following AcuMax’s innovative retention strategies creates great results for you and your organization, saving you both time and money!

Do you have a unique or interesting “war story” of something that happened in the workplace? 

If so, contact us: info@acumaxindex.com so we can share your story with others.

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