What Drives Your Employees?

Finding out what motivates your employees to work can be like finally finding a key to open a locked door. It can seem like some employee’s sole motivation is collecting a paycheck, while other team members are going all out and doing the best they can to perform above their job duties. Some team members may be self-starters and appear to be self-motivating, while others need a lot more coaching and management.
How can you find out what kind of employee you’re hiring? What accounts for the difference between the level of motivation of your current team members? How can you take a low or neutral achiever and turn them into high performers? The answer is learning about how a person is wired. We are all driven by our own internal wiring, it defines what motivates us and sets the foundation for our behavior and personality. Our innate wiring influences what matters to us; our preferred way of processing information, engaging and communicating, and solving problems – all areas that determine success in a particular position. If we understand internal wiring, we can better understand how to motivate employees and what environment an employee needs to succeed.
For example, the wiring of “Jane” on your team may show you that she prefers to work individually and work on tasks in a sequence. If you have Jane working on projects with disorganized, one-off tasks as part of a large team… you aren’t setting her up for success or best utilizing her innate skills. Knowing Jane’s profile can help you repurpose her into another role or to modify her existing role in ways that will help her become a high performer. When we are given tasks and put in an environment that matches our innate preferences, meaning those that are part of our hardwiring, we are more motivated and energized. We’re able to perform at our best because we’ll be working in sync with who we are naturally instead of trying to conform in a way that isn’t natural or satisfying. By being in a situation that aligns with our internal wiring we create our own internal motivation. What often differentiates high achievers from their coworkers is that they have the best fit for tasks and work environment.
The first step in harnessing the power of natural wiring is to obtain profiles on your team members and employee candidates. AcuMax’s unlimited assessment pricing encourages you to survey everyone in your organization to promote a better understanding of how people will work together better, be more productive and create a wiring profile for every position that needs to be filled. We understand that employees don’t like psychological deep dives and timeconsuming tasks that pull them away from their job duties. The AcuMax Index is a 5-minute employment assessment that produces a report outlining employee strengths and limitations. Wouldn’t you rather do more of what you do well and less of what you find challenging? AcuMax allows leaders to play to their employee’s strengths and create a better and more satisfying work environment for all employees.

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