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Building High Performance Teams

Do you want your employees to be self-empowered, energized and highly motivated?

The next step in harnessing the power of natural wiring is to build work teams using each team member’s wiring profile. If team members understand each other, they will work together better and be more productive.

AcuMax Index takes your team performance to the next level

The AcuMax Index opens the door to real understanding between people and enables them to quickly relate to one another in ways that might otherwise take years to accomplish.


Transform multiple silos into ONE team

The life cycle of your product passes through multiple departments and teams; multiple inter-dependencies that rely on efficient and precise collaboration. AcuMax’s employee development software will highlight where your greatest wiring clashes between departments exist and provide you with a road map to navigate “clash free“.

Developing Your Team
Team Wiring

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The AcuMax Index will help you develop your team members to drive productivity and/or fully optimize team intelligence to foster creativity and innovation. These ideal connections are usually hidden, but AI will quickly reveal team members that should be included in mission critical objectives.


From individual wiring to team wiring

With AcuMax Index, you can easily combine multiple wiring profiles into one. This level of analysis will reveal themes in how everyone on your team is best motivated to help you determine the structure of team meetings and tasks.

Developing Your Team Tasks

Practice Makes Perfect

Wiring profiles will help you build strong work teams but you might desire to test your team by challenging them with fun and interactive team development activities.

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