What Keeps You Up at Night?

what keeps you up at night

Coaching Tips for Success at Work

Human Resources Executive recently released survey results of the three biggest HR challenges that organizations face today. At the top of the list:

  • Ensuring employees remain engaged and productive – 33.1%
  • Attracting and retaining diverse talent – 30%

Only 2% of those surveyed rated employee morale and engagement extremely strong in their organizations. 67%, however, said they were very concerned over losing talent in the ensuing 12 months in light of the recovered economy.
Although AcuMax is used by many organizations as a hiring tool, an often overlooked feature is its ability to identify motivators to improve employee engagement and to provide work coaching tips. Motivators are non-monetary incentives or circumstances that people desire to build self-confidence and improve satisfaction in their roles. An individual with more self-confidence will perform at higher levels and experience increased productivity. AcuMax provides a Motivators Application Report and a Coaching Tips Report (both accessible from the View Reports icon) which are customized to the profile of the individual. These reports are tools that provide critical information to develop engagement and productivity, which helps to retain talented employees in your organization. If you have questions about to how to apply these reports to specific employees or situations, please contact an AcuMax consultant for ideas and more information.

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