Why Leaders Recommend AcuMax

why leaders recommend acumax

AcuMax clients discuss what they love about using the AcuMax Index in their organizations.

Deena Arnold, Director of Talent Acquisition, Pacific Hospitality Group

‘Truly, I’m extremely spoiled. I’ve worked with Jay for over eleven years. He’s been my mentor. I know he developed an outstanding tool and it’s something very dear to his heart as well as mine. I would strongly recommend it. Jay’s done a terrific job with it.
I know as far as employee engagement surveys, I believe communication to be one of the hot buttons, and this has a piece on it that can be used throughout an organization to improve. All that equates to is happier people and more productivity.
I think for anyone to use it in your organization, it can only improve what you do.”

leaders recommend the AcuMax IndexEllen Patnaude, Business Coach

“I’ve recommended it to a number of small companies that I work with. I’ve also recommended it to my own parent brand to consider taking it on as our formal assessment in place of DISC. I continue to recommend it to different companies as the opportunity arises.”

Matt Marsiglio, Operations Director, Flame Heating, Cooling and Electrical

“With AcuMax, I’ve actually shared it. I spoke at a couple of national conventions in the heating and cooling industry and it’s been part of my presentation both times. If you’re having any struggle hiring people … It costs a lot of money to hire people. Costs even more money to hire a wrong person, so AcuMax has aided us and I’ve shared it with several friends that are in a multitude of businesses on how it can help them streamline the hiring process to make sure they’re getting the right people on their bus.”

Luz Glover, Accounting Manager, Oxford Management Group

“I would recommend the AcuMax Index because it helps the recruiter bring the right person to the right position. At the same time, help the co-workers to appreciate the new employee because they know each other’s AI profile.”

Kris Davidson, Talent Specialist, MRM Worldwide Advertising Agency

“I would recommend the AcuMax Assessment to everybody so that you begin to have self-awareness.”

Michael Ebaugh, Corporate Director, Talent Assessment and Organizational Development, Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills

“You ask the question, “Would you recommend AcuMax?” Actually, I have already been recommending AcuMax to quite a number of people that I know. It’s very useful. I think it really can change the way you look at life and your work.”

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The AcuMax Index is helping organizations of all sizes to hire with confidence, dramatically increasing retention and improving performance.

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