How Does AcuMax Compare to Other Workplace Assessments

how does acumax compare to other workplace assessments

AcuMax Out Performs other Workplace Assessments

We talked with AcuMax Users at our annual event in April and asked them how using the AcuMax Index’s workplace personality tests compared to other pre employment testing assessments they have used before.

Deena Arnold, Director of Talent Acquisition, Pacific Hospitality Group

“I find the AcuMax software to be very user-friendly. Some of the other psychometric tools that we’ve looked at are very cumbersome. They operate at, what I would consider to be, a very high level, not easily translatable to the general population within the company. AcuMax is a very clean system. It’s easily understood. The words that are used to describe people’s profiles, as well as some of the coaching tips, and things like that, are very practical, very understandable, and easy to apply.”
The other thing is it’s client based. From it’s onset, and I can really pride Jay on it, he’s listened to feedback from clients and improved the tool consistently. What it is today is not what it was however many years ago, two years ago, three years ago. He’s really great at that. He hears what his clients are looking for. He looks at what’s a reality for them to improve their own organizations. He constantly is driving to improve the tool, which is a huge benefit. I don’t know how many tools are out there that listen to the client.

Ellen Patnaude, Business Coach

“I have used DISC and “one-offs” of DISC in many different circumstances over the years that I’ve been doing this kind of work. I am familiar with other tools. I haven’t found them to be nearly as user-friendly or as simple and straight-forward for both the client and for myself, as the coach applying the knowledge.”

Doug Price, Executive Coach

“The thing that I really like about the AcuMax Index is that it focuses on the hard wiring. It doesn’t bring into play personality and behavior quite as much. The other thing is, the AcuMax system has been developed with a significant amount of information available as a result of how the software was built. This information provides clients with an easy way to implement the information without everybody in the organization becoming an expert.”

Catherine Revord, Senior Vice President and Human Resources Director, University Bank

I have used something similar to AcuMax for a very long time and find that AcuMax really is concise, yet thorough enough that you can really get enough from it, but it does make it simple enough for the managers to utilize it, for the employees to understand it.

Matt Marsiglio, Operations Director, Flame Heating, Cooling and Electrical

“In the past, we’ve done some disk testing and some other items, and with mixed results. This has been the easiest for the potential employee, or the current employee. It’s quick, easy, simple, and effective.”

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AcuMax Index Reviews

“Acumax is an amazingly simple yet profoundly insightful tool that has the potential to improve individual and team communication at any size business. The survey itself is also an excellent tool to use during the interview process for potential new hires…” Read More
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