Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Facebook Messenger bots are an extra element to your marketing plan to ensure that customers have the ability to connect with your business whenever they want to. A chatbot is an automated messaging tool that uses AI to message back and forth. They can be programmed to respond to questions, understand statements and send intractable promotional messages. Using a Facebook Messenger chatbot for your business alleviates the burden of your staff dealing with basic and routine customer service or product questions.
Importance of Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger is the second most highly used app in the world, only behind the Facebook app, with over 20 billion messages sent between people and businesses each month. Building out a chatbot for Facebook Messenger allows you to utilize the most common messaging platform where your business is likely to be receiving the most interaction. Currently, there are over 300,000 active chatbots on Facebook Messenger, but that number is expected to continue to grow.
How to Use Chatbots
Customer service through a chatbot can improve the responsiveness of your business. You can program the bot to answer your most frequently asked questions and use branch logic to allow your customers to narrow down the topic they want to discuss and provide specific answers to questions. If you’re thinking of phone trees with complicated branches, this is something completely different. The responses to the questions are instantaneous and can display multiple options on the screen at once to give your customers a quick way to find their answers. If the question ends up needing human involvement, your customer service staff will be able to see the answers to the questions and get the details of the issue before getting involved, which should lessen the amount of time it takes a human to be able to resolve the issue.
Chatbots can also be used for outbound promotions, and Facebook Messenger has outstanding open rates that have been reported to be as high as 98%.  You can use chatbots to send out coupons or promotions, asking them if they are interested in and supplying them with a link to purchase within a message. Promotions shouldn’t be the primary purpose of your chatbot, a chatbot is best used for conversation and service. If you do send a promotion do so strategically and sparingly, such as if you have a new product that’s launching or have a coupon or other item of value to the consumer that you want to share.
How to Setup a Facebook Messenger Chatbot
The best part about Facebook Messenger chatbots is that they’re very easy for your business to setup! It doesn’t require knowledge of how to code or develop apps, there are free tools that you can use to get started. The tools will allow you to specify welcome messages, custom replies and more and you should be able to get a basic chatbot launched in under an hour.

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