Wiring and an 'Open Door Policy'

open door policy

Open Door Policy and Human Wiring

Most of us pride ourselves on our “Open Door Policy” in business. We appreciate and solicit input from everybody in the organization. Let’s reflect for a minute on how our wiring might affect us in the execution of this policy, focusing specifically on the C drive.
Low C drive profiles accept distractions and interruptions and sometimes even embrace them. Since Low C profiles operate under more of a LIFO (last in, first out) approach, they tackle problems as they arrive through the door. What may start as a quiet day in the office often becomes a hectic day with many challenges. The temperature increases, activity goes up, but Low C managers can handle it all!
However, with the LIFO approach to handling issues, often some things do not get the proper attention they require. Many times, the Low C manager will put a critical item on the top of their list, but work on everything below it. Usually, that top item is a long-term or longer-focus agenda item. Thus, the most critical item might not get all the attention it needs.
High C drive profiles, in contrast, prefer to work more using a FIFO (first in, first out) approach and are most productive when buttoning down the task at hand before moving on. They instinctively understand the need to spend quality time with their employees and often will spend as much time as it takes with the employee to properly focus on both the problem and the person before them. The “open door” of a High C manager can be warm and inviting, especially when provided with the courtesy of making an appointment.
The one issue that could occur is that perhaps some tasks may not get accomplished as there just might not be enough hours in the day to get to it all.
The best way to handle that “open door” is to keep your own wiring in front of you. Know your tendencies. Adjust to the people you talk to, and take the time to make a good connection first. Then respond in the best possible way tailored to the wiring of your listener. Make sure people know and feel they were heard. Provide a resolution, good or bad.
Model yourself on your ideal primary care physician: appointments run on time; when you get to see her, she takes the time to focus on you and your issue, and she gets you out of there with a solid treatment plan.
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