AcuMax at Home

acumax at home

Not Just for Business, AcuMax Brings Peace at Home

Theresa Parker, Executive Vice President, Liberty Title

You don’t know what a difference this made at our house.
We have a father that is a very high A, where everything is his way and he likes to talk a lot. He’s very impatient and provides very little details. He has three teenage sons that are wired very, very differently from him. They could not be more different. No one could get along, no one could communicate.
All the boys took the AcuMax Index Assessment. Since that time their dad provides much more communication to them. He slows down. He gives them time to process and he gives them the details they need in order to make decisions. It’s much more pleasant to be at home in our environment now.
Honestly, thank you. It’s made a big difference at our company with all of our employees and in our family relationships at home.

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