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Knowing how an employee is naturally wired gives you the ability to communicate with him or her in such a way that your message can be clearly understood and positively received

The benefits of positive workplace communication between managers and employees are higher engagement and lower employee turnover.
Some people need time to think and process information before responding to questions or ideas; others are more conceptual and offer their ideas immediately with minimal thought.  All types of communication styles are common and appropriate, but it is very useful to understand what type of communicator a job candidate is before they are hired.

How Wiring Controls Communications

A person’s natural wiring is firmly established inside their physical make-up by the time they reach adolescence.  After our wiring is set, it changes very little over the course of our lives. Once we understand our own wiring or the wiring in other people, we have a life-long advantage when it comes to communications. This advantage extends to every part of life, including the work environment and the employees in it.
No one knows how our billions of neurons and synapses are networked together, but there are similar patterns and arrays from which our natural wiring emerges.  When it comes to understanding definable and predictable traits in people, we know that some groups share  related wiring configurations.  Related groups tend to behave in a predictable manner when experiencing similar situations. This commonality suggests there is a deep connection between groups of people, and that connection is similar natural wiring.

An Action Causes an Equal and Predictable Reaction

To harness the power of wiring, it is important to understand that situations or events, will elicit predictable responses from people who are similarly wired.  For example, when it comes to communications, some people tend to be great listeners and absorb a lot of information before offering to speak. Others will consume a small amount of information, but are comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions right away. These variations are based on the different wiring profiles.  When speaking with someone, if you know how they are wired, you can adjust your communication style to work with his or her style.
An example from the non-profit sector illustrates how understanding a person’s wiring pays great dividends. When the department manager talked with a certain employee, she felt that the employee always seemed disinterested and not engaged. This bothered the manager and created a situation where both parties were uncomfortable. The employee felt that the manager was always putting him on the spot to say something, even if he didn’t have anything to contribute.
When the natural wiring of both people was revealed, the manager saw that she was the type of person who liked to verbalize what she was thinking and wanted a response to her comments immediately. The employee, on the other hand, was someone who needed time to think through his thoughts before responding. Understanding the differences in each of these employee’s communication styles enabled them to find a common language that blended with their styles, and enabled a tremendous relationship to evolve. Employees are more motivated and engaged with positive, productive communication. They’re also more likely to stay with the company.

AcuMax Index is the Answer to Better Communication

The AcuMax Index is the answer to communication challenges in business and employee retention. AcuMax is the only pre-employment assessment that reveals a candidate’s natural wiring. After you hire an individual you will find out how their natural wiring impacts their communication style.  Wouldn’t it be better to know how a candidate is wired before putting him or her on the payroll?  It can be done!

To get started, try the AcuMax Index for yourself by taking the AcuMax Survey for free.  It’s all online, fast and fun.

Learn more about how the AcuMax Index can help your organization understand what makes your top performers so good – and how to replicate them! Contact Us or call us today at 844-228-6291.


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