AcuMax Training and Employee Engagement

acumax training and employee engagement

Employee Engagement Training & Improvement

What Big “Ah-Ha” in AcuMax Training Improves Employee Engagement?

The training sessions that I conduct typically consist of two half days of training where we perform a deep dive into idea flow, communication channels, work styles and the decision making process within an organization.
Frequently my classes will contain co-workers or employees who do not get along well together in the workplace. It is surprising for many of these workers to realize throughout the AcuMax training that the employees that they have the most difficulty relating to and developing a working relationship with are actually the employees that are most like themselves.
When that “ah-ha” moment happens with a client and I get to share in it, when we are able to see what triggers misunderstanding in the workplace and are able to move forward in a productive manner from that, that’s when I derive my satisfaction of working with an AcuMax client. The resulting camaraderie in a workplace after taking the AcuMax survey and the training can be quite remarkable. Our clients report better employee engagement, productivity and communication.
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We offer a complimentary consultation for executive teams taking the AcuMax Index together. Request a consultation to learn more about employee engagement training and improvement. Or, take the AcuMax Index now.

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