What Does Human Wiring Tell Us About People?

what does human wiring tell us about people

Human beings by our very nature are very complicated beings

We have all sorts of characteristics and attributes that define us. One of the interesting aspects is our unique wiring pattern. Wiring is born in us. It begins to emerge at about age one and a half to two years old, and it stays with us our entire lifetime. Behavior changes, personality changes. Why? Life experiences, age, maturity, my education, my skill set, all contribute to behavioral changes or personality differences. Human wiring is static, it never changes. It tells me one’s natural orientation to idea flow, why some of us like our way of doing things best, and others like the best way of doing things. It tells us how people communicate. Everybody talks, and everybody thinks, but we process thought differently. Some of us do it verbally, some of us do it internally. All people are multi-taskers by their nature. We all are required to do multiple different things in the work environment. However, for some of us, our work style is to be more sequential, more ordered. Others of us like to juggle and throw a lot of balls up into the air. Wiring tells me how people are best engaged in decision making, why some people want lots of information to make an effective decision, others want the critical points of information. None of this is good or bad, or right or wrong, it just is. When we can objectively define people and understand their strengths, and build on those strengths, understand their limitations, and coach to minimize them, we can maximize the differences that every person brings by their unique wiring pattern to each organization. Every person has value to the team, and we will know what that is based on their human wiring.

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