Understanding Low C/High C Work Styles

jobs for type c personality

Everybody gets things done! Everyone can do multiple types of work

So what is the real difference between Low C and High C work styles? It’s all in the brain. The wiring for the brain of a Low C profile is such that the individual does not have to button down one thing before moving onto the next. The Low C can jump from task to task without losing productivity or focus. The wiring for the High C brain is just the opposite. High C wiring is such that the person is driven to button down one task before moving onto another. The reason is that part of the High C brain is still thinking about what should have been buttoned down. When not given that ability, the High C profile is not as productive as energy is being spent on what should have been buttoned down.

If the environment allows for some sort of completion, that usually indicates a Higher C job role – accounting, production, etc. If the environment does not – for the most part – allow for completion of one before going on to two, this usually indicates a Low C job role – outside sales, quality engineer, etc.

The other element to consider about the environment for the role – is it predictable (not routine, but an environment where the person can work sequentially) or unpredictable (an environment that is filled with unknown interruptions and disturbances).

Understanding the correct positioning of the C drive in Position Profiles in relation to task completion and predictability of the environment substantially improves employee alignment and success. This helps you understand the jobs for Type C personality individuals. For information about an upcoming webinar on C Drive applications, please contact admin@acumaxindex.com.