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Human Wiring optimized to produce the most value from communication

Everyone talks, but are your employees REALLY sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas?

How many meetings happen that are viewed as a waste of time? How often do your team members battle with messages rather than convert dialogue into solutions? Everyone talks. With the AcuMax Index employee communication tools, you can reconfigure the employee communication in your office to drive valuable outcomes more frequently.

Open your lines of communication

A core cause for broken lines of communication are incompatible wiring profiles that exchange information in different ways. Not all styles of communication work for all wiring profiles. AcuMax's employee communication tools will help you streamline your communication so information flows and ideas are exchanged.


Communicate Better in Meetings

AcuMax Index will help you maximize the productivity of your team meetings by helping you understand how your team members prefer to receive and process information.

Communicate better in meetins

Communicate Effectively with Your Employees

Have you ever reached out to an employee to check the status on an important deliverable and received nothing but a blank stare? Or, do you feel like you are constantly under-the-gun to answer questions and deliver solutions before you’ve had a chance to think things through for the best response? These are common communication pitfalls that can be easily remedied by understanding the wiring profiles of your employees.


Maximize Creativity

Some wiring profiles are more engaged through creative discussion with their peers while others need alone time and introspection. The AcuMax employee communication software will maximize the opportunities for creativity and innovation within your organization by identifying the best approach for each individual.

Creative discussions

It's time to align intent and impact

The culture that you THINK you communicate and THINK you have is rarely ever the culture you truly have.

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