Hiring Sales Teams that Sell

Does the 80/20 rule apply to your organization?

80% of the revenues come from 20% of your sales team members. The reason is simple – there are Sales Hunters and Sales Farmers. Sales Hunters develop new business and open new accounts. Sales Farmers do well with existing business of warm leads.

Do you know the composition of your sales team?

For every 6 sales job applicants, 5 are usually Sales Farmers but claim to be Sales Hunters. AcuMax will identify Hunters and Farmers so you can build a sales team that will drive your revenue goals.

Whether you sell a tangible product or an intangible service, AcuMax will help.

AcuMax has helped many companies increase revenue by identifying the real sales hunters and identifying how to best coach and motivate those hunters. 

How does AcuMax do it?

AcuMax measures human wiring. From extensive experience, we know the wiring patterns for successful sales Hunters as well as sales Farmers. Both Hunters and Farmers are great with people and handle variety and change with ease.

However, a Hunter is going to be more assertive and need less detail. Additionally, a Hunter is more focused on results and less focused on how the results are obtained.

Farmers are great with inbound leads or working with established or warm customers as they are attentive to detail and provide excellent customer service.

Armed with this information, you can assess your candidates against these wiring patterns and hire the sales team that will drive your business forward.

Whether you sell a tangible product or an intangible service – AcuMax will help!

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